Darol Anger's new Recording: E-and'a

B;uegrass instrumentals on Adventure Music

The Gravel Shore4:59
Farewell to Trion 4:58
Fiddler's Pastime5:57
Homer The Roamer   3:51
The Denver Belle 3:55
La Ville Des Manteaux 7:06
Pogo Big   5:03
Scarborough 5:48
High Ham 5:36
Canyon Moonrise  6:04
Grey Owl4:51

Darol Anger, Fiddle and production
Courtney Hartman, Guitar
Joe Walsh, Mandolin
Lukas Pool, Banjos
Sharon Gilchrist, Bass

What is this recording about?
Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, Courtney Hartman, Lukas Pool, and Sharon Gilchrist joined forces for a relaxed picking session in which humor, imagination and spirited musical conversation percolate.  It's an almost-live recording of a band, playing stuff you'd want to hear around the weekend breakfast table, late at night, or on a pleasant drive. The thing about the American string music world is that most fans also play music themselves. The "audience" is not much different from the "pros". Each sector drives the other. So this recording is for everybody. This band is not one you're likely to hear out on the fester or club circuit. It's a rare and special convening of mutual admirers who happen to enjoy each others' musical conversation. A multi-generational summit meeting of like-minded musical groovers. A fortuitous conclave in the Boston String Music Enclave. So we rounded up some of Darol & Joe's orphan originals, a couple of ragin' Fiddle Tunes Of The Moment, and a trio of Requia for folks we loved.  We spent all of 2 & a half days tracking these ten tunes; the general feeling is sparky, informal, and kind of emotional sometimes. We didn't try to fix every note, either.
…And where will you find that pesky groove? Even the FBI will tell you: look in the E–AND-A section of your local bar.

Recorded at Dimension sound, Jamaica Plain, MA by Dan Cardinal
Fiddle: Cascade Fathead Ribbon > Focusrite Voicebox > LA-3A
Guitar: Neumann SM69 (XY stereo) > True Precision > Harrison EQ
Mandolin: Audix SCX-25 (wide stereo) > API 512A
Banjo: Coles 4038 and AKG C451B > Great River MPNV
Bass Low: Wunder Audio CM7 > Vintech 273 > Demaria ADL-1000
Bass HI: AKG C451B > Vintech 273

Fixed and Mixed by Darol at Fiddlistics Studio, Arlington, MA  
Mastered at Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA  Graphics: Gwen Terpstra
Cover art: Peter Whitehead  Photography: Amanda Kowalski

Darol plays a Nathaniel Rowan 5-string violin on this recording, and also plays Jonathan Cooper, G. Edward Lutherie, Bob Kogut, and Barry Dudley violins...consecutively, not simultaneously.  He uses D'Addario strings, Coda bows, Baggs preamps, and teaches at Berklee and at www.artistworks.com.  He thanks Emy Phelps, Jonathan Cooper, the fantastic musicians on this recording, faculty and students at Berklee, the geniuses at ArtistWorks, and a large group of wonderful people who have helped him recently. If you play fiddle, or want to, please check out www.artistworks.com/fiddle or my personal website darolanger.com.  Courtney plays a Bourgeois guitar and uses D'Addario strings, Fishman preamps and K&K pickups. She thanks Darol and Emy, for their love and inspiration, the Hartman family, her dad Jim, Angela Tourney, Della Mae, and the wonderful music family in Boston and at Berklee. www.courtneyhartman.com.  Lukas Pool thanks his parents, his family's Music Store–Mountain View Music – and the music communities of Boston and Mountain View, Arkansas for all the opportunities, support & love.  He would also like to thank the other musicians on this recording for their trust, friendship, and support.  Sharon says thank you to her wonderful family and friends, Stephen Gilchrist, Laurie Lewis, Tom Rozum and the Right Hands, Mike and Cat, Jim Hyatt at the 5th String, Tammy Rogers, D'Addario Strings, and a very special thanks to Darol and Emy.  Joe Walsh thanks Jean, Kevin, Emily, Elise and Micah Walsh for being a caring, energizing, and supportive family, and he is grateful for the chance to make music and spend time with such an uplifting, inspiring collection of human beings as the musicians on this record.

A special thanks for the generosity and love of music that Richard Zirinsky embodies.

updated: 2 years ago