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released 2012

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$30 for each arrangement; $100 for all five. Please specify by email (see below)

Darol's original String Quartet arrangements are professionally printed and formatted for easy reading and playing. They reflect his long experience and command of the many different world string styles. They include a score and individual parts.

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email me at darolfmu(at)gmail(dot)com.

NEW: The Amen Corner: A new (2018) R&B/Gospel-style string quartet composition.

Grant Wood Americana- based string music, recently revised and lengthened, from the Turtle Island String Quartet's Skylife includes violin and cello suggested SOLOS)

ReplaceitAll from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop (for 3 violins or String QT; please specify--includes violin SOLO)

Blue Book: a Bebop Blues for String Quartet; with written-out solos and backgrounds for each instrument.

African Solstice: as played on Darol's CD Fiddlers Four, with Doucet, Molsky, and Rushad. A 6/8 African-feeling string quartet with alternate Violin 3 or Viola parts.

Street Stuff: a rocking and rolling string quartet, as played by the Turtle island String Quartet.

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