Now Hear This

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cover of Now Hear This

released 2007

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Psychograss’ long-awaited followup to the monumental LIKE MINDS recording, by a band of musicians who are indelibly written into the history of acoustic music. The new recording bears the stamp of a mature group of artists at the top of their game. The all-original tunes ring with the authority of musicians who have mastered a vast swath of American music styles, yet are still exploring. Bluegrass music forms the grounding for a subtle and kaleidoscopic blend which include jazz, rock, classical, and various international flavors that are woven into the sound of each player, all expressed as a musical conversation: sometimes earthy, sometimes highfalutin, always totally in the moment. NOW HEAR THIS is a signpost and a guidepost.

These cats invite us along on their most developed musical journey to date. They are having a heck of a good time with his music and we can crank it up and for just a moment pretend that we are all virtuosos, playing joyous music with the best musicians on the planet. -Danny Barnes

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