2014...still cold... this is nuts.

we press on regardless. Just recorded Mr Sun!

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Darol's new Bluegrass-flavored recording is available! And you can order this recording here: http://www.amazon.com/E-anda-Darol-Anger/dp/B00IJT5V80/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393887272&sr=8-1&keywords=darol+anger+eanda

It's my first Bluegrass fiddle record since the second Psychograss CD [Like Minds], made almost 12 years ago. It's called E-and'a, after the way musicians count beats: One-e-and'a, Two-e-and'a, and so on. Where do you find your groove? look in the "E-and'a" section of your local bar!
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E-and'a features some of the hottest young Bluegrass musicians on the national scene, all Berklee graduates: Courtney Hartman [guitarist from Della Mae], Joe Walsh [mandolinist from the Gibson Brothers], Sharon Gilchrist [mandolin and bass with Uncle Earll and Peter Rowan/Tony Rice] and Lukas Pool, [clawhammer innovator and banjo consultant to Steve Martin & Edie Brickell's Broadway musical].

The tunes range from Darol & Joe's originals and some ragin' Fiddle Tunes Of The Moment to a trio of Requia for much-loved departed musicians John Hartford, Vassar Clements, and John McGann.

E-and'a marches forth on March 18th on Adventure Music. I'm really proud of it, and of the great musicians on it who played with such panache, arugula, and verve.  Here's a link to the band's video, playing exclusively on The Bluegrass Situation:

Here's a review:
Darol Anger, E-and‘a (Adventure Music America)
Darol Anger’s credentials as one of the foremost fiddles in bluegrass realms are a given. Consequently, it’s a reflection of his generosity that e - and ‘a finds him sharing the spotlight with a hot quartet of younger players that are clearly destined to follow in his footsteps. The liner notes describe it best -- “an excellent example of a possibly outmoded but lovely form; an almost live CD of a band playing stuff you want to hear, around the weekend breakfast table, late at night, or a pleasant drive.” All instrumental, and as articulate as can be, the set finds the five-some superbly in sync and showing skills that could clearly be the envy of pickers of all persuasions. With E-and ‘a, Anger and his associates leave a superb impression.

Also a great review of the recording from WBUR Boston.

April 12-16 Mr. Sun hit the studio with  DA, Grant Gordy, Joe Walsh, and the phenomenal Ethan Jodziewicz on bass... can't wait to mix!

The Spring semester at Berklee has almost been completed, even though it flashed by!
I want to acknowledge all my wonderful students and the incredible String Faculty there.
My Fiddle School,however,  at www.artistworks.com/fiddle continues 24/7, all year 'round. Check it out.

Tide going out on Turnagain Arm, Alaska... we played at the 25th Alaska Folk Festival in Anchorage with Mr. Sun.

December 19-22 saw a Holiday Concert tour of the Pacific Northwest Dec 19-22 with an intergenerational star-studded array of talent...
Here's a picture Eric Frommer took of our Seattle concert at the Nectar Lounge:
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last year, we had a fun fall of New England shows with Mr. Sun and Emy Phelps, a couple of great festivals [Freshgrass:]

and Celtic Colours, with an amazing String Quartet episode with the Haas Sisters and Kimberley Fraser.
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A beautiful orchestra concert on the Kansas Prairie,
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and a Duo trip to Europe in October with Mike Marshall.
& more New England dates with Grant Gordy and Joe Walsh.

New recordings will be out soon!!! EANDA, and The Furies... stay tuned.

the Berklee/Mark O'Connor String Symposium here in Boston with amazing concerts every night of the week.
I worked with celebrated cellist Natalie Haas to complete her upcoming "Rhythm Cello" instruction CD, to be released on Homespun Tapes. Then off to:
Kansas, [ 2 shows with the Republic Of Strings, one with The Furies]
a drive from Kansas to Colorado,
Colorado [High Mountain Hay Fever Fest with the Old-Time Kozmik Trio]
California and Oregon [Shasta Strings and the Northwest String Summit]
Appleton, Wisconsin [Strings Without Boundaries Camp]
Rockygrass, CO with the Old-Time Kozmik Trio and a special appearance by The Furies!
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Mike Block's Madcap String Camp in Saline Michigan
Swannannoa Fiddle Week, a fabulous meeting of musical minds,
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and a cool-down vacation in Nashville where we got to stand on the stage of The Grand Ole Opry, see the Time Jumpers, and luxuriate in the Tennessee summer.

Before that:
Spring featured a Furies tour of California which featured Emy Phelps, Sharon Gilchrist and Tristan Clarridge, along with Special Guests Ben Kaufman, Renata Bratt, Piper Devi, and superwhippersnappers John Mailander, Molly Tuttle, Emily Mann and Joe Mann.  Thanks to everyone involved for making that tour a pleasure and a success.  Video footage courtesy of Tom Nowak.

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