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Darol Anger039s Republic Of Strings
Somewhere beyond or behind musical borders lies a creative terrain where bluegrass, jazz, classical, pop & various world musics mingle, played by musicians who care more for inspiration than they do for genre. That place is The Republic of Strings, led by Darol Anger since 2001. Darol co-founded the Republic of Strings with acoustic guitar giant Scott Nygaard. Dedicated to mentoring young string musicians Darol's band members and alumni of the Republic include Rushad Eggleston, Brittany and Natalie Haas, Sara Watkins, Aoife O’Donovan, Gabriel Witcher, Jeremy Kittel, Mike Block, Tristan and Tashina Clarridge, John Mailander, Andre Reiner, Joy Adams, Maeve and Sharon Gilchrist, Kathleen Parks, Mike Robinson, Ethan Jodziewicz and other rising stars. The present lineup includes songwriter/guitarist Emy Phelps as a cornerstone member.

Recent appearances at Rockygrass and the Freshgrass Festival featured material from Darol's newest recording MUSIC OF OUR PEOPLE, reimaginings of great songs from the 1960s. This recording is now being played on the Folk radio charts.  This group will be available in 2019 for that.  Return tours of Australia, the Southwest, and Colorado are planned for 2019.

Performing at Freshgrass:

Colorado Spring 2017
Ireland spring 2017
Montana-Idaho Summer 2018
Australia winter 2018
New England winter 2018

Photos & Media Files:
Darol Anger & Emy Phelps New CD Reimagines Sixties Music
Legendary violinist Darol Anger (David Grisman Quintet, Turtle Island String Quartet, The Montreux Band, Sim City, Republic Of Strings) and singer-songwriter Emy Phelps have been working for the last 4 years on a monumental project of Music from the Nineteen-Sixties. Because of the iconic nature of this music, and the fact that it has been 50 YEARS since much of this music appeared, Darol and Emy now think of it as folk music (even though they are paying lots of well-deserved publishing royalties to bring these songs back into circulation). Music of that era has shaped all popular and much “serious” music since then, and established styles that artists create in today. The songs trace American music’s transition through pop and folk and carry the seeds for today’s Americana and Roots music. That’s why their new CD is called Music of Our People (MOOP).

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“A cutting edge string quartet…wildly virtuosic.  Anger's group, more than a mere Republic, had the sound of a musical United Nations.”
- Don Heckman,  Los Angeles Times

“Darol Anger is the quintessential improvising violinist”.
–Dr Billy Taylor, CBS Sunday Morning

“I have always loved Darol's approach to music and the soulful qualities of his playing...an appreciation for the roots of things”.    
-Mark O'Connor

“The Republic of Strings is sublime, and makes categories irrelevant.  Darol Anger has been obliterating musical borders for years, but never to better effect than on his latest release.”
-Associated Press

“Darol Anger is to fiddle what Bela Fleck is to banjo -- a stylistic adventurer. With his group the Republic of Strings, he interprets everything from Ornette Coleman to Aretha Franklin to Swedish modern-folk.”
- Minneapolis Star-Tribune

“If there is a kind of music that Darol Anger isn’t comfortable with, I haven’t heard it.  He and Eddie Van Halen would have a lot to talk about- both have reinvented their respective instruments.”
-Dan Good, San Diego Reader

“ Crossing generations and musical boundaries, acclaimed violinist Darol Anger's Republic of Strings uses elements of old-time string band music, jazz, soul, country and early American music to construct a vivid world rich in spirit, bountiful in virtuosity.”
David McGee, BARNES & NOBLE.com

“An intriguing…cutting edge string quartet.  Most fascinating was the wildly virtuosic individual playing. Anger moved almost casually from bebop to blues to classical licks.  By the end of the evening, any remaining perceptions regarding the narrow range of string instruments were long gone. Anger's group, in fact, more than a mere Republic, had the sound of a musical United Nations of strings. ”
Don Heckiman, Los Angeles Times, March 20, 2005

“Nobody in the fiddle world has found himself on the front edge of progressive acoustic music as often as Darol Anger.”  
- Fiddler Magazine

“Prepare for an evening of wild invention when pioneering fiddle maestro Darol Anger and his ground-breaking Republic of Strings take the string band music to places it's rarely been before. Violinist and composer Darol Anger is famous as a creator of innovative string techniques. For 30 years, he has continually reinvented the American string ensemble to incorporate his explorations into American traditional, bluegrass, jazz, and world musics in groups he helped found, such as the Turtle Island String Quartet, the David Grisman Quintet, Psychograss, Newgrange, and Montreux. With the Republic of Strings, Darol is at it once again, exploding the limits of tradition. In concert, as well as on their recent eponymous album, Darol's complex, richly textured original compositions and Scott's own intriguing tunes, along with a selection of traditional music from Appalachia, Sweden, Brazil, Mali, and elsewhere, showcase the ensemble's virtuosity, open heartedness, and irresistible sense of fun.”
-San Francisco Chronicle

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