Monday, July 11, 2016

Darol teaches at MBSC Extension for Advanced Students

Prestige Hotel in Vero Beach, Fl

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Each student will receive a unique, personalized list of Bands and Private Lesson assignments, based off of stated preferences at time of application.
Band Session (BS): Students play in faculty-led bands and learn new repertoire, improvisation, and various other techniques through the guidance of their faculty band-leader. (Each student will be a member of 3 bands) Workshops (WS): Each teacher will lead one workshop on a subject of their choosing for any students not in a BS. (Each student will participate in 2 workshops)

Community Meetings (CM): Each teacher will present a 1/2 hour demonstration and Q&A session about their personal artistic and professional journey. Private Lessons (PL): Each student receives a half hour private lesson with a teacher of their choice.

Individual Time (IT): If you need to relax and let your brain rest, or if you just want to practice on your own. Hotel Jamming: Jamming is as Jamming does.

Beach Time: The hotel's back door opens up to a beautiful beach where most of the campers and faculty hang out after classes. Public Performances: Participants will play in two performances as part of the Vero Beach International Music Festival.

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