Saturday, February 4, 2017


Mr Sun

One Longfellow Square, Portland, ME

1 longfellow Square, Portland, Maine, , ME

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...They’re not looking to invent something new, but rather to inhabit American music. And that, indeed, is the foundation of the Mr. Sun project. The... pieces here are all very different from one another, but the approach is the same, namely to take us on a tour within American music, seeing where things are today, and pointing to a range of new ideas and sounds that it has to offer.  Some musicians look to tear things down in order to build up. Other musicians look to curate a form of music, keeping it a true example of the past. Mr Sun is unique in that neither of those are the point of what they are doing.
Rather, they are looking to show what’s alive in American music today, whether it’s a very old song, such as “Deep Elem Blues,” or a very new one, such as “Hunters Permit.”
-Glen Herbert

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