Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Nevada City, CA

Two Odd Fellows and One Very Even Gal: Rushad, Darol, & Emy

Odd Fellows' Lodge, Nevada City

212 Spring Street, Nevada City, CA

Price: $20.00

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Two Odd Fellows and One Very Even Gal Rushad Darol amp Emy

~~RUSHADICUS~~ with special guests... Darol & Emy

Two important innovators of the String World come together again in this reunion show. Darol Anger and Rushad Eggleston have worked together in The Republic Of Strings, The Fiddlers Four, and in various Duo settings all over the world. Darol’s long history of virtuosic violin innovation and Rushad’s startlingly unique approach to just about everything, along with Emy’s fantastic singing and songwriting, make an unforgettable combination.

Tickets will be on sale at Briar Patch Market in Grass Valley, and on Vendini.

Rushad Eggleston, AKA Rusharguanox Grimblestein AAKA Ushard Imbleston, delights the senses and expands the mind with his far flung tales of Sneth and Jick and Thurrowogoufnees. Besides being a world renowned virtuosic cello innovator, he is a lyric poet, kazoo master, guitar shredder, and galavanting banjo clumper extraordinaire, who is becoming quite famous on the internet. Many consider this gently fierce man a Wizard. If so it be because he has been evolving forth from Snee Goblin to Sneth Wizard. Nothing can compare to seeing him in person give his 337% committed musical sermons of infinite glee, covering topics rarely imagined by even semi-mortals. Indeed, he eats topics, and makes them into topical ointments for the healing of your world-worn imagination-that-used-to-be. Do you dare to think the unthinkable? Do you dare to support a truly original rebel artist jester antelope of mind melting capabilities? Then come forth, brave squirrel, and be amazed.

2 unique and deeply affecting Sierra Foothill Favorites: Legendary fiddler and multi-string master Darol Anger focuses his talents in service of the singer-songwriter's art. Emy Phelps is a standout artist in a large field: a prolific songwriter with a riveting voice which plumbs the deepest emotions. A musician of note in the Pacific Northwest, she has made a 30 year music career while raising 3 sons and a daughter. She worked in Theatre and Special Education, and toured for 7 years with Brian Ransom's Ceramic Ensemble. These 2 musicians bring out each other's special ability to convey deep emotional resonance combined with a bit of hot pickin', and have 2 CDs and numerous major music festival performances to their credit.

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