Saturday, December 2, 2017


Darol Anger & Emy Phelps: Keepin’ It In the Fam: an intimate Holiday Concert

The Stone Church Music Club

5 Granite St, Newmarket, New Hampshire 03857

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Darol Anger on his holiday show: “We think that the midwinter season has always been a highly emotional and special time for human beings, and we mean to celebrate in music the many layers of spirituality and celebration that has always happened around this time.  Emy's a genius at finding songs that elevate peoples' spirits, and her long career working with children has helped her hone her talent. We’ll bring some amazingly talented younger musicians that our audience will love. Our band is not afraid to tap deep emotions, whether they be humor, love, or wassailin’.”

Darol again: “This is that time of year when everything seems dead and we have to trust that everything will rise again. For most humans, this seems to be a time for reflection, for spiritual questioning and renewal, and family-oriented thoughts and feelings, and celebration of what we have gained throughout the previous year. We’re going to support that frame of mind in our concert, with some really beautiful songs and the incredible, magisterial playing of the amazing Tony Trischka and our  young musical guests. Of course, my partner Emy Phelps is a great singer-songwriter with one of those voices that you want to just listen to forever: a grown-up woman’s voice that feels everything and holds back nothing. I’ll be playing mostly the 5-string violin at this show, though I’ll also pick up a beast called the Octave Mandolin. … I didn’t spend 10 years with David Grisman and not learn a thing or two about the mandolin family! I’d just say prepare to hear some really world-class singing and playing from some folks you  know and love.”

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