Handcrafted Wood Violin Mutes

made by Darol

cover of Handcrafted Wood Violin Mutes

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released 2022

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Darol's been using his Shelter-In-Place time for more than just teaching and practicing:
He's been making some Artisanal (but not edible) Violin Mutes, by re-purposing hardwood clothespins.
The pins are dismantled, reshaped, refinished, and decorated in various one-of-a kind designs, by hand.
Each is an individual work of art and craft, similar to any hand-made musical instrument.
Each mute features either a traditional Strad-type scroll design, or Darol's polychrome original art, or something in between.
Or both.
Please specify your preference.
Mutes are $40 each, shipping included.
A good gift that will last a lifetime.

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