Emy Phelps "Look Up, Look Down"

produced by Darol Anger

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released 2012   Fiddlistics

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The first Emy Phelps/Darol Anger collaboration is available here.
Ten original songs by this amazing singer-songwriter, arranged, produced and recorded by Darol.
Many of the most amazing young musicians in New England are featured, as well as Darol himself, on a generous palette of acoustic instruments.

In combination, Anger and Phelps bring out each other's special ability to convey deep emotional resonance. The cast of youthful virtuoso musicians and accomplished veterans assembled here represent some of the cream of America's musical talent. Anger's deep connections within the acoustic music world have made possible a brilliant palette to set Emy's songs.

The musicians include bassists Samson Grisman, Bridget Kearney, and Karl Doty. Cellist Mike Block is a guest soloist. Aoife O'Donovan contributes background vocals and Bruce Molsky, cellist Mike Block, and the phenomenal harpist Maeve Gilchrist step out in stellar roles. Darol Anger contributes his usual thoughtful and surprising violin and string sounds. Many more amazing musicians populate these tracks.

Download the entire ten-cut recording as a high-quality MP3 with a 2-page printable booklet for $12, or order the physical CD from darolanger.com/store  for postal delivery for $18.
Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.
Emy Phelps   Guitar and Vocals
Darol Anger   Producer, Engineer, Fiddle, Octave Mandolin, Ouditar

Aoife O'Donovan   Vocals
Bridget Kearney   String Bass
Bruce Molsky  Banjo
Grant Gordy   Guitar
Jacob Phelps-Ransom   Percussion
Joe Walsh   Mandolin
Karl Doty    String Bass
Maeve Gilchrist  Celtic Harp
Mariel Van Der Steel  Hardanger Fiddle
Mila Phelps-Friedl   Cello, Vocals
Mike Block  Cello
Phillip Aaberg   Accordion, Synth Schmears
Samson Grisman   String Bass
Sharon Gilchrist    Vocals

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