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released 2016

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We're now making available many of the arrangements of Darol's compositions.
They run the gamut from solo fiddle tunes (with chords) to complete lead sheets, to detailed scores and parts for duets and small groups.

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A partial list of tunes and songs available:
Lead Sheets (melodies and chords, with intros and endings) to most of Darol's original compositions:

The Crooked Road To Buffalo: a new fiddle tune, from Emy Phelps' cover of Darrell Scott's Crooked Road
Ride The Wild Turkey;  the Jerry Douglas/Alison Krauss Bluegrass standard; from FIDDLISTICS
The Dysentery Stomp:   from FIDDLISTICS
The Fiddler's Boot:  from Mr Sun: The People Need Light
The Jeremy Reel:  from Psychograss: Like Minds
The Coal Burnin' Grease Fire:  from Anger&Marshall's JAM and Mr Sun Live at the Freight
Piacenza:  from Anger&Marshall's Chiaroscuro and 40 Year Anniversary Recording
ReplaceItAll: solo fiddle or duet, from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop & 40-Year Anniversary Recording
Who Had Whom:  from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop
Big Gravel:   from Psychograss: Like Minds
High Ham:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist
The New Evening Prayer Blues: from Republic Of Strings
The Gravel Shore:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist
Scarborough:   from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist
The Unbearable Gift:  from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop
A Real Dragon:   from MrSun: SOME LIKE IT COOL and Anger/Marshall:Psychograss
Love On 3 Levels   from Anger/Marshall:Psychograss
Crawl We Must:   from Michael Kang's Comotion
La Ville Des Manteaux:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist & Heritage
Upstate: a fiddle tune from 40-Year Anniversary Recording
The Lights In The Sky Are Stars:  from The Montreux Band, Live at Montreux)

More detailed charts with multiple parts and transcribed solos:

New:   A 2-violin arrangement of Banish Misfortune as played by Darol Anger and the great Martin Hayes.
also, the 2-violin arrangement, by Darol and Martin, of Little Help From My Friends.

Melt The Teakettle: Darol’s monumental uber-fiddle tune as played on his Compass Records release Diary Of A Fiddler with Natalie MacMaster.
Duet music for 2 violins, or violin and cello, with guitar chord chart. Also works as a solo fiddle tune.
If sheet music is ordered with the Diary Of A Fiddler CD, go here.

ensemble pieces (duets, trios)

Near Northern  from Live at Montreux (2 violins and rhythm section)

Bach, Up  from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop (vln&guitar or vln&cello, with violin solo)

The Dysentery Stomp (jazzy Dawg music from Fiddlistics: 2 parts on bridge)

Evening Prelude: a one-minute string trio  (Violin, Viola, Cello) with intricate counterpoint.


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