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released 2016

Because I've been at this a long time, we have a LOT of STUFF wanting to escape the closets and boxes here.

Unfortunately, we have had to make the painful decision to cease sending international orders; the amount of red tape and fees have gone sky-high to send anything out of the country.

Very sorry, International customers!

As we go into this 2020 Holiday season, I'd like to direct your attention to our Live Holiday Recording from Portland, Oregon with an incredible virtuoso cast of musicians. Newly re-mastered for 2020, this is one of Emy's greatest legacies, as well as a great musical experience. Available as a download on Bandcamp.

Emy's and my last major project, MUSIC OF OUR PEOPLE, is still available. For information about that, see this page..

I'm releasing rare and wonderful one-off recordings that have percolated up through the decades, on my new Bandcamp page, which is a very fast and easy way to distribute music that might not be feasible to release as a collection or album.

Emy's and my labor-of-love recording, Treasures, is still available.  A beautiful package and some great playing by some of the hottest young (and old) musicians around the East Coast, including Sally Van Meter, Ethan Jodziewicz and Duke Levine. [Download this from Bandcamp]

I'm also making available Charts to all my compositions written over the last 30 years.

You can order super-readable PDFs of just about any chart of just about every tune I've written... and that, by now, is a good honkin' pile.

So far, it's a bit ad hoc, but we're getting a bit more organized web-wise all the time. just email me at dexterfiddle(at)gmail(dot)com and specify the piece.

ALSO! Check the Other Sheet Music link, over on the right there...

New additions!
A String Quartet arrangement of my brand-new original R&B gospel piece,
The Amen Corner.

A Revised String Qt. arrangement of "Near Northern", a wintry rocket sled ride in fiddle counterpoint.

My 2-violin arrangement of "
Banish Misfortune", as played by Yours Truly and the great Martin Hayes.

AND... re-releases of some of our most-loved Windham Hill recordings, through Adventure.

This was a ten year project, trying to get the rights to release this out-of-print music.
Thanks to Richard Zirinsky, who just would not give up on this.

In 1979, Windham Hill's newly empowered Executive Producer Will Ackerman heard my first release, Fiddlistics...

the rest is history. We put out Tideline 2 years later.

You can purchase, or re-purchase, the newly-mastered version of this recording right here.

And the other two watershed CDs from that time period are now out! Chiaroscuro and Live At Montreux are now available again in a beautiful package.

Write to me, and our Sales Department of One will fix you up.

AND we have a few virgin vinyl of our breakout 1984 recording, Live At Montreux, and TISQ's 2nd release, Metropolis.

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