VintageVinyl2: Turtle Island String Quartet Metropolis

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released 1987

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I’m offering some stuff I’ve been keeping around forever, which needs to be let go.

I have a box with 4 virgin hi-quality vinyl copies of my group the Turtle Island String Quartet’s 1987 recording, Metropolis, featuring DA, Mark Summer, David Balakrishnan, and Real Vocal String Quartet founder Irene Sazer.

This recording exemplifies everything you would buy a vinyl disk for.  
I started with a box of 25 of these. When they're gone, they are gone… really gone! not even the CD is in print any longer.

Recorded live to analog tape, mixed on Studer tape machines, mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman, Windham Hill’s famous manufacturing quality and unique loose heavy plastic wrapping to minimize chances of warping. An excellent set of great Jazz played by the first and legendary Turtle Island String Quartet.

more vinyl available soon, as I figure out what’s in good condition.

TISQ: METROPOLIS record album $35
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