SMOE LIKEIT COOL: the Mr Sun T-shirts

The Cryptic Message from Neptune's Primeval Wilderness returns.

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released 2020

©Darol Anger, Fiddlistics Music

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Yes, Folks, The Mysterious Answer to Life's Eternal Conundrum has resurfaced...
ready to spark new inspiration among your friends, acquaintances, and people who never saw you before.
This shirt will establish your cred as a true Mr Sun aficionado and pro-flummoxer.
"I truly believe that this message's time, it's time, yes, its time has finally come", says a highly placed source pretty close to the other source.

Available in any color as long as it's black, with cosmic blue lettering.

In every size that's small, med, large or X-L. Please specify, with an email to darolfmu (at)
You can specify the color too, a.l.a.i.b.w.b.l.

these shirts are $20 apiece, plus $5 shipping and handling(just the most minimal handling by people who just washed both hands, right up until they go from the box into the envelope after which it's just proxy-esque handling, through layers of envelope material, probably padded and everything, and just by USPS people, until it reaches your hands which can be in any condition, because by then it's out of our hands)


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