Drones in all Keys

cover of Drones in all Keys

released 2010

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Drones are back in tangible existence AGAIN as a CD!

If you want something to give as a gift to your musician friend or would like to be able to touch what you buy, we have a cute little stack of colorful drone CDs on the shelf waiting to be sent out.
$13, plus $2 for shipping and handling.

And it's available as a digital download here. The download price is $10.00.

This collection of MP4 tracks sampled at 192k contains drones of 2 tonics an octave apart and a fifth, in just intonation. Each key lasts roughly six minutes and the sequence plays through all the keys in order (the circle of 4ths starting from C). This kind of technique has been used in Indian classical music for hundreds of years, to perfect and deepen intonation ability. One can play single notes, scales, exercises, double stops, difficult passages, or fiddle tunes to these drones; or you can just play freely and wander among the many-layered intonations of your mind and body.

Makes a great gift for any string musician, especially no-fret folks. Vocalists dig it too!

REGRETFULLY, we can no longer ship physical product to foreign countries. it costs more to mail it than the cost of the CD itself, plus the red tape is astounding. It's disgusting, we know... but it's just not feasible. Please consider the download option if you live anywhere else but the U.S.

$13 price plus $2 shipping.

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