Emy Phelps and Darol Anger & The Furies

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released 2016   Fiddlistics Records

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Swat That Fly
The Greenhead Fly
The Blackest Crow
Pretty Bird
The Dog Waltz
While You Were Sleeping
The Angel Gabriel
My Old Friend
As It Should Be
Emy Phelps & Darol Anger
T r e a s u r e s
Produced by Darol Anger
Original and traditional songs by Emy Phelps, with Darol Anger and brilliant guest artists including:
Bruce Molsky, Eugene Friesen, Natalie Haas, Maeve Gilchrist, Sally Van Meter, Kai Welch, Ethan Jodziewicz, Grant Gordy, Lula Wiles, Duke Levine, Aidan O'Donnell, Allison De Groot, Jacob Ransom, Mila Phelps-Friedl, and others.

..."All Those Treasures In Your Nest; Can You Tell Me Which One Is The Best?"
That's a crucial line from Emy's original song "The Magpie", written on a life-changing Artist Residency at the famed UCross in rural Wyoming. It's hard to say what might be the "best" of this collection of songs by Emy Phelps, reaching across 2 decades of songwriting. But the idea of family, love, attachment, separation, and many of the most important issues that humans face are front and center here, framed in a wide-ranging acoustic palette presided over by one of Acoustic String Music's most wizardly characters, Darol Anger.
Darol contributes not only state-of-the-art pop fiddling, but numerous other memorable instrumental moments on such instruments as Octave Mando-Uke, Left-handed Accordion, electric screwdriver, and Fuzz Octave Mandolin.
A truly epic foundation is laid by two modern bass masters: the spectacular Ethan Jodziewicz, and the heir apparent to Danny Thompson's bass crown: Aidan O'Donnell. The orchestra surrounding and permeating these songs is a Who's Who of modern acoustic music, with rising stars trading licks with celebrated heroes of the genre. Emy's genius is for classic poetic simplicity of lyric, combined with a lush forest of sound rivaling the Pacific Northwest's densest gardens. Two great traditional songs made it into this collection, fitting seamlessly into the weave of sound and emotion. Which of these treasures will speak most directly to you?

Emy Phelps sang lead vocals on all cuts except While You Were Sleeping, and played guitar on very song except Angel Gabriel.
Darol Anger played Octave Mandolin on everything except Swat That Fly and The Blackest Crow, and 5-string fiddles on most everything except While You Were Sleeping and Paradise. He played other instruments where noted. Emy plays a Santa Cruz Guitar and a beat-up '51 Martin and uses D'Addario Strings and Ear Trumpet Microphones. Darol plays Nathaniel Rowan, Barry Dudley, and AES violins and a beloved Austin Clark 8vb Mandolin and uses D'Addario strings on everything, even toast.
Emy thanks the UCross Foundation for their generous gift of time and space.

1 Paradise
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Percussion: Jacob Ransom
the Trumpie Horns arranged and performed by Kai Welch
with Oscar, trombone
Accordion: Maeve Gilchrist
5-string Octave violin: Darol
Harmony vocals: Mila Phelps-Friedl

2 The Old Carpenters Waltz
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Percussion: Jacob Ransom
Fiddle choir, guitar and mando-cello solos: Darol
Additional vocals: Isabella Burke & Ellie Buckland

3 Swat That Fly
Bass: Ethan Jodziewicz
Bass Drum: Darol
Bass Mandolin: Dexter
Bass Tambourine: Roland

4 The Greenhead Fly
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Weissenborn guitar: Sally Van Meter
Guitar theme: Emy
Guitar solos: Grant Gordy
Fiddle choir: Darol

5 The Blackest Crow
(trad., arr Anger&Phelps)
Bass: Ethan Jodziewicz
Telecaster and loops: Duke Levine

6 Pretty Bird
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Cello: Eugene Friesen
Accordion: Neil Pearlman
Tenor Mando-Uke: Darol

7 The Dog Waltz
Bass: Sharon Gilchrist
Dobro: Sally Van Meter
Accordion: Maeve Gilchrist
Tenor Mando-Uke: Darol
Harmony vocals: Mila Phelps-Friedl and Emy

8 While You Were Sleeping
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Cello: Eugene Friesen
Accordion: Neil Pearlman

9 The Magpie
5-string banjo: Allison Ann DeGroot
Fiddles: Bruce Molsky & Darol

10 The Angel Gabriel
(trad., arr Anger&Phelps)
Bass: Ethan Jodziewicz
Guitar: Grant Gordy
Banjo: Wes Corbett
Harmony vocals: Emy & Darol

11 My Old Friend
Cello and Cello-bass: Natalie Haas
Tenor Mando-Uke: Darol

12 As It Should Be
Bass: Ethan Jodziewicz
Accordion: Neil Pearlman

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