A digital release by Emy Phelps & Darol Anger

cover of THE DOG WALTZ

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released 2014   CD Baby

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2014 by Emy Phelps, mywindowfacesthewest music, ASCAP
Hello friends and loved ones:
Emy & I have worked and sweated over her fantastic song and we felt it was ready to release into the world.

Here, for the tiny sum of 99 cents, is our definitive, magnificent rendition of Emy’s original and true story The Dog Waltz,
featuring the vocals of Mila Phelps-Friedl, the amazing Sally Van Meter on Dobro, and Sharon Gilchrist on bass.

...and of course Darol & Emy in full flight, telling the story about Luta and Tex and their dog romance.

You can download this cut from CD Baby starting right now!
Emy Phelps: guitar & vocals
Darol Anger: Uke-tron, octave mandolin, fiddle
Mila Phelps-Friedl: bg vocals
Sally Van Meter: Dobro
Sharon Gilchrist: bass

updated: 7 years ago