Darol Anger's String Orchestra Arrangements

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released 2012

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These string arrangements are scored for violin 1, violin 2, viola, cello, and string bass. Some of them have solo parts included. They are generally playable by high-level middle school and high school or college (and up) string ensembles of any size. $30 per arrangement; please specify which one[s]!

Available are:
1) LA BETAILLE, a Cajun-style traditional waltz
2) I COULDA TOLD YOU, a rocker in C
3) REPLACEITALL, a rocking bluesy composition featured on the Anger-Marshall
Duo's symphonic recording WOODSHOP.
4) THE AMEN CORNER, a soulful, gospel-style piece with optional sections for individual solos
5) AFRICAN SOLSTICE, a rhythmic African-style piece from Anger's Compass Records release
Fiddlers 4, with Michael Doucet and Bruce Molsky

6) GRANT WOOD, Darol's legendary Americana vignette with 2 solo sections (choice of written or improvised).

Pieces are listed in order of difficulty, with the hardest last.

Each arrangement includes PDF files of the score and all individual parts, which may be copied for the number of stands in the orchestra. The music pages were generated with Sibelius, and look great and are easy to read..

On the order form that follows this page, put in the little box the number of arrangements that you want.

Then specify in the “notes” section on the next order page that comes up, which arrangements you want to purchase, or-- if that doesn't work
(yes, we are trying to get this to work!) just email me at dexterfiddle[at]gmail[dot]com .

The purchasing format should get a bit more clear in the future as we compose the individual pages for each arrangement. Please bear with us until then.
Each arrangement: $30

Some more challenging chamber orchestra pieces are in the pipeline, including a three-movement work entitled Three Places In America.  Please stay tuned. These will be professional-level works with spaces for either written-out or improvised soloing by... yes, a soloist.

Please don’t copy these arrangements for other purposes or resale or gifts for your associates; they represent many, many hours of hard work.

Darol's popular middle and high school or college string ensemble pieces
Creaking Tree and

are available through Alfred Music’s website.

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