The Fiddlers 4

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cover of The Fiddlers 4

released 2005

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The Fiddlers 4 is Darol Anger, Michael Doucet, Bruce Molsky, and cello phenomenon Rushad Eggleston.

2002 Grammy Nominee

The foursome’s playing ranges from joyful to inventive, with Doucet especially great on “Chez Seychelles” and “You Little Wild Thing (La Betaille)”, while Rushad excels on the jazz and R&B tunes, and both Anger and Molsky are uniformly outstanding on every number.

Once more the group’s performances seamlessly explore, link and unify diverse genres. Sometimes they’ll begin doing a bluegrass piece, then incorporate elements of jazz or folk. Other times, their ensemble work resembles a classical unit or a rock band. But the unpredictable style never degenerates into undisciplined or ragged performances. -Nashville Times

From the opening pulse, Fiddlers 4 is both earthy and transcendent. -Vintage Guitar Review

The Fiddlers 4 are perhaps unique in the world: they are a string quartet that makes you want to get up and dance.

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