At Home & on the Range: The Duo Live

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cover of At Home & on the Range: The Duo Live

released 2003

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For almost a quarter of a century now, Darol Anger and Mike Marshall have formed an enduring and prolific musical partnership. They have broken musical boundaries, first as part of David Grisman’s legendary groups in the late 1970s, and then, together and individually.

Throughout it all, one of the best ways to catch Anger and Marshall has been in their acoustic duo format. It is there that the virtuosity of each is most evident, that the chemistry that makes them such a formidable pair is most readily observed.

That virtuosity and chemistry has been captured on their latest release, a live concert in your home.

Recorded in concert in 2001, with a few additional pieces done in the studio in California, this disc clearly documents why Anger and Marshall are considered not just a couple of good musicians, but a musical institution of the highest order. -Da Flower Punk, Pause/

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