Diary of a Fiddler CD

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released 2002

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Darol’s time-capsule masterpiece CD. An all-fiddles recording, with some of the greatest fiddlers on the planet.

Diary samples some of the most exciting moments from a 3 year period — late 1996 to early 1999 — in Darol’s musical life. Fiddle duets, trios, and one rather historic septet: The Nashville Lumberyard, seven fiddlers drawn from three generations of the best American String Band music.

Featuring Vassar Clements, Natalie MacMaster, Martin Hayes, Sam Bush, Stuart Duncan, John Hartford, Bruce Molsky, Matt Glaser, Richard Greene, Alisdair Fraser, and others (more).

Here is one of the best, most varied fiddle CDs you’re likely to hear for a long time to come. Fiddler extraordinaire Darol Anger has long proved himself at home in any musical abode the fiddle can enter, be it bluegrass, classical, jazz, Celtic or those still undiscovered. On this Compass Records CD, he chronicles a three-year odyssey across the continent in which he played duets with other fiddlers. The result is a truly jaw-dropping array of music, a CD any fiddle fan (and anyone who just loves music) will listen to over and over. -Chet Williamson, Rambles

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