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from Treasures

The Old Carpenters Waltz
A waltz that was taught to Darol by Anne Savoy, and recorded on a beautiful recording she made.
It's been with us ever since, as an instrumental.
We spent a week in Swannanoa with Michael Doucet and he brainstormed some french and english lyrics for the chorus... we went home and imagined a whole story out of those words... a late-in-life romance, revived at some rowdy fais-do-do somewhere down the road.
Great backing vocals by the members of Lula Wiles: Isabella Burke & Ellie Buckland.

Guitar and lead vocal: Emy
Bass: Aidan O'Donnell
Percussion: Jacob Ransom
octave mandolin, Fiddle choir, guitar and mando-cello solos: Darol
Additional vocals: Isabella Burke & Ellie Buckland

updated: 3 years ago