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Fiddler Darol Anger has helped drive the evolution of the contemporary string band through his involvement with numerous pathbreaking ensembles such as his Republic Of Strings, the Turtle Island String Quartet, the David Grisman Quintet, Montreux, the Psychograss, The Duo and other ensembles. Today Darol can be heard on the Sim City soundtracks and on NPR's "Car Talk" theme, along with Earl Scruggs, David Grisman and Tony Rice.  In addition to performing all over the world since 1977, he has recorded and produced scores of important recordings, is a MacDowell and UCross Fellow, and has received numerous composers’ residencies and grants. He has been a featured soloist on dozens of recordings and motion picture soundtracks. He is Professor Emeritus at the prestigious Berklee College of Music. He also runs an innovative online Fiddle School with www.ArtistWorks.com.

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Darol Anger

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What is this recording about? Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, Courtney Hartman, Lukas Pool, and Sharon Gilchrist joined forces for a relaxed picking session in which humor, imagination and spirited musical conversation percolate. It's an almost-live recording of a band, playing stuff you'd want to hear around the weekend breakfast table, late at night, or

What is this recording about? Darol Anger, Joe Walsh, Courtney Hartman, Lukas Pool, and Sharon Gilchrist joined forces for a relaxed picking session in which humor, imagination and spirited musical conversation percolate. It's an almost-live recording of a band, playing stuff you'd want to hear around the weekend breakfast table, late at night, or on a pleasant drive. The thing about the American string music world is that most fans also play music themselves. The "audience" is not much different from the "pros". Each sector drives the other. So this recording is for everybody. This band is not one you're likely to hear out on the fester or club circuit. It's a rare and special convening of mutual admirers who happen to enjoy each others' musical conversation. A multi-generational summit meeting of like-minded musical groovers. A fortuitous conclave in the Boston String Music Enclave. So we rounded up some of Darol & Joe's orphan originals, a couple of ragin' Fiddle Tunes Of The Moment, and a trio of Requia for folks we loved. We spent all of 2 & a half days tracking these ten tunes; the general feeling is sparky, informal, and kind of emotional sometimes. We didn't try to fix every note, either. …And where will you find that pesky groove? Even the FBI will tell you: look in the E–AND-A section of your local bar.

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Concerts All Over

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Previous events

Date Event Location
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall: THE DUO Groton Hill Music Center , Groton, MA 01450 Groton Hill Music Center , Groton, MA 01450
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall: THE DUO with the Berklee World Strings featuring Eugene Friesen in BOSTON Berklee Performance Center , Boston MA Berklee Performance Center , Boston MA
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall: THE DUO with the Berklee World Strings featuring Eugene Friesen in Rockport, MA Shai Lin Liu Theatre, Rockport, MA 01966 Shai Lin Liu Theatre, Rockport, MA 01966
Darol Anger & Mike Marshall: THE DUO with the Berklee World Strings featuring Eugene Friesen in Burlington, Vermont University of Vermont Lane Series - UVM Recital Hall, Burlington, VT 05401 University of Vermont Lane Series - UVM Recital Hall, Burlington, VT 05401
Mr Sun Plays Ellington's Nutcracker at the Welcome Grange in Napa Welcome Grange Hall, Napa California 94558 Welcome Grange Hall, Napa California 94558
Mr Sun Plays Ellington's Nutcracker at Monterey's Otter Opry Otter Opry - Monterey, CA, Monterey, CA Otter Opry - Monterey, CA, Monterey, CA
Mr Sun performs Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite in Sacramento https://bstreettheatre.org/music/mr-sun/, Sacramento, CA 95816 https://bstreettheatre.org/music/mr-sun/, Sacramento, CA 95816
Mr Sun performs Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite at the Freight Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA
 —  — Mr Sun Plays Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite in Northern California Northern California Shows Northern California Shows
 —  — Valley Stage, VT: Mr Sun Plays Ellington's Nutcracker Suite 20 Church St. Richmond, VT, Richmond, VT 20 Church St. Richmond, VT, Richmond, VT
Mr Sun performs Duke Ellington's Nutcracker Suite at the Chandler Music Hall Chandler Music Hall , Randolph, VT Chandler Music Hall , Randolph, VT
 —  — Mr Sun plays Duke Ellington's Nutcracker in New England New England Shows New England Shows
Darol Anger & Bruce Molsky Club Passim, Cambridge, MA Club Passim, Cambridge, MA
 —  — Darol Anger at Fiddle Hell Workshop and Jamarama Westford Regency Hotel , Westford, MA Westford Regency Hotel , Westford, MA
Mr Sun plays Joe's home town: Duluth at the Sacred Heart Music Center Sacred Heart Music Center, 201 W 4th St. Duluth, MN 55806 Sacred Heart Music Center, 201 W 4th St. Duluth, MN 55806
Mr Sun at Stoughton Opera House Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI Stoughton Opera House, Stoughton, WI
Mr Sun at Old Town School, Chicago Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL Old Town School of Folk Music, Chicago, IL
Mr Sun at Gibson Community Music Hall Gibson Community Music Hall, Appleton, WI Gibson Community Music Hall, Appleton, WI
Mr Sun at the Michigan Academy of Folk Music Michigan Academy of Folk Music451 Columbia Ave Ste 2, Holland, MI 49423 Michigan Academy of Folk Music451 Columbia Ave Ste 2, Holland, MI 49423
Mr Sun at The Ark, Ann Arbor The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI 48104 The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Darol's News

APRIL 2024

 Trips to New England and Sweden were highlights of this late Winter season. 

A wonderful series of DUO shows with my 44-year music pardner Mike Marshall, and  the amazing Berklee World Strings, led by cello inspiration Eugene Friesen.  Here's our performance at Berklee Performance Center.

A short-notice trip to Sweden with Bruce turned into an unforgettable, amazing musical ride with Magnus and Sophia Stinnerbom and their bass bud Sebastien Dubé at their annual Vastana Sessions at the Västanå Musik & Teater, an enormous Performing Arts Center in central Sweden. Can't wait to return!!


Finally, for April, I'm excited to be releasing Volume 2 of the Big Book of Darol Anger Tunes (That’s me!) with all the more Jazz-oriented compositions that I’ve written up to now. You can order a physical copy from my Bandcamp page. 

The book includes 16 Darol Anger originals spanning a time period from 1979 through 2023, with tunes recorded by the David Grisman Quintet, The Montreux Band, the Anger-Marshall Duo, the Turtle Island String Quartet, Comotion, The Republic Of Strings, Psychograss, and Mr Sun.  There are a few relatively popular tunes included in this collection, including Key Signator, which has recently entered the repertoire of Billy Strings. Some of the tunes include my improvised solos on the changes of the tunes. A full score for my total re-imagining of Deford Bailey’s Evening Prayer Blues also makes an appearance.  I’m really happy with this collection, which contains some of my most catchy ditties. Melody, chords, counterlines, background info, all that stuff.


February got off to a banging, or rather, sawing start with  the creation of a new recording by myself and renowned fiddler Bruce Molsky!  Presided over by the brilliant engineer Dave Sinko, this is a raw and very rambunctious duet record of all fiddles and some singing. Very excited about this project!  Apparently we already have some festival appearances on the books for this summer, and hope to have the recording out by May 2024.   

Here's the title cut from the recording Lockdown Breakdown.

Also a DEBUT (sort of) of my 3-movement Symphonic work for the wonderful West Virginia duo, fiddler Jenny Allinder and guitarist/banjoist Jim Mullins, entitled Suite For Nelle. I got to appear at a lovely reception in Charleston, WV with beautiful food, meet and play music with Jim and Jenny ( and also banjo legend Adam Hurt) and play a recorded demo of this 3 movement piece which we're hoping that some West Virginia or other regional orchestra will perform. I received a generous grant from the Nelle Ratrie Chilton Foundation to write this piece for full orchestra, using traditional West Virginia fiddle tunes and some of Jenny's own beautiful compositions. You can hear the orchestra demo using London Symphony samples and my live rendition of Jenny and Jim's solo parts here.

And finally… Wintergrass, up in the land of my birth, where dreams become reality for a magic moment. So much great music at this festival!  You can visit Wintergrass' facebook site for photos, or Tony Trischka's Facebook site for a video of a raging torrent of fiddles there at the fester.

Going to Sweden in March to play music with Bruce Molsky and the Stinnerboms!  Come on out.


Well. That was bracing. First Solstice/Xmas tour I've done in many a year. Good success, played well, nice venues, some sold-outs, great audience responses, happy presenters. Got sick at the end, good timing. People bought our recording! Thank you!  It tends to sound OK even in months without an R in them. 

Jumping right into another year full of projects:  I'm making a duet recording with the amazing BRUCE MOLSKY  in mid-January, and heading to the legendary WINTERGRASS festival in late February. 

In between those dates, my 45-year musical brother Mike Marshall and I are doing a run of dates in New England, some of which will feature a dream we've had since 2003: The Duo in front of a cracking, virtuosic String Orchestra!… in this case, the Berklee World Strings, led by the legendary Cellist/Composer Eugene Friesen. This is the "North Texas State big band" of the strings world. World-class players and improvisors young enough not to know better!… Check the Shows” page for a list of everything we're doing there.

And a prestigious MR SUN appearance at the very very prestigious BIG EARS Festival in… prestigious March, I prestigiously think.

Meanwhile, huge earthshaking events in our little world: our beloved guitarist Grant Gordy and his wife produced their first child, born on January first! Congrats and Good luck! Other possibilities loom large this year; meaning Mr Sun will not be performing in every nook and cranny of the world in 2024. But we're all up to lots of things, and the Creative Force will not be stifled. 

Stay tuned for further news.



Wow, So things are really ramping up here in the Interholiday So-Called Slack time. On December 1, The Mr Sun Plays Ellington’s Nutcracker will be OUT! (Meaning, you can go to our BANDCAMP site  (here→)


…and download the whole recording at any of a number of resolutions including super-high-rez,  or order a beautiful perfect-sounding forever CD, or order a physically satisfying Vinyl Disc, with giant frameable art!

Our Mr Sun Magical Mystery Tour in which we Magically and Mysteriously perform the whole record is also coming right up! This year, it’s New England and Northern California, both Beloved Haunts where I’ve made my home for decades. 
Find the concerts and info here.

Next year we hope to cover the rest of the Inner Planetary System, as the rest of the Human Population will have discovered this recording…. or so we hope. Right now we’re grateful to those forward ( backward)-thinking individuals who have jumped on the Sun-Ellington-Tchaikovsky train…. Thank you!

Also, we're getting some really good reactions to the new Bluegrass & Fiddle Tunebook featuring my original tunes from 1978 to 6 months ago... you can also order one on Bandcamp, and if you order it before Dec 2nd, it will be in the mail by Dec 3rd... also makes a nice gift for your fiddling cousin... if they read music, of course. 


I've also now collected recordings all the tunes for streaming through my Bandcamp site, so purchasers can hear what they're seeing! You now get a free download of the audio files for each tune with each book order.
Those intrepid folks who already ordered will be getting your download codes in your email shortly… It’s kind of complicated for an older fiddler to work that stuff out, but I can do it. 



Many happy holiday returns and again I'm so grateful to you folks for supporting my efforts to make some helpful music down through the decades.




So! The recording's coming out, there's some press, people are liking the project! Very exciting.


Here's a link to Fretboard Journal's premiere of the 

“The Making Of Mr Sun Plays Ellington's Nutcracker Suite”

Again thanks to Freshgrass Foundation, Studio 9 and Mass/MOCA




We did it! “Mr Sun Plays Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite” debuted to a packed house at FreshGrass on Friday Sept.22. Much thanks to the FreshGrass Foundation for commissioning the work, and special thanks to Leo Austin-Muehleck, Dan Bui, Ella Bebe Jordan, Kathleen Parks, Clara Rose and Caleb Swan, aka the Hollywood Honk, for rounding out the “big band.” We couldn’t have done it in such style without them!  

AND special huge thanks to Dave Sinko for being there to engineer. 

The album comes out December 1 on Adhyâropa Records

but you can preorder vinyl, downloads and CDs at mrsun.bandcamp.com




<iframe src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/810278547?h=21b15c71d8&color=ffffff" width="640" height="338" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
<p><a href="https://vimeo.com/810278547">Studio 9 presents: Mr Sun</a> from <a href="https://vimeo.com/greatskymedia">Great Sky Media</a> on <a href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>


A full summer with lots of fun festivals such as Green Mountain, Grey Fox, Rapidgrass, Grand Targhee, Rockygrass, The Mendocino Music Festival, Swannanoa Gathering, Miniera Music Camp in Italy, and others. 









I was able to record a large number of new Fiddle Lessons for my Artistworks Fiddle School this summer, too. They should be hitting the School in late September, along with a Fiddle Round Table on Wednesday evening, Sept.13… check that out Here. 





Emy Phelps' offspring organized a beautiful memorial event for her in July. 


We have ordered physical product for the Mr Sun Plays Duke Ellington's Nutcracker recording, and will probably have CDs by the time we perform our World Premiere at Freshgrass Festival in North Adams on Sept 22!  You will be able to order it at my Bandcamp page and through Adhyâropa Records.



Also, I was able to produce a new Tune Book: Volume One, the Fiddle and Bluegrassy Tunes. Find it at my Bandcamp page, click on the title or photo.



On to many performances of Ellington's Nutcracker all over the Northeast, Midwest, and Northern California this fall! See the Concerts page.

MAY 2023

OK, I'm 70 now.   Add a bit of COVID into the mix and it's a Full Transition.

So grateful to all the wonderful folks who sent me their good wishes and love over the Birthday Weekend. 



It's been another Very Packed-out Month. Mixes are done on the Ellington/Tchaikovsky Project. 

An amazing evening on the Ryman Auditorium Stage with the Watkins Family Hour. 

Beautiful tours in Northern California and New England… a wonderful visit to my old haunts around Santa Cruz.  

I headed out to the Czech Republic for a big friends' Anniversary Party – A couple of days in Prague.   

Getting ready for summer. Its coming on! Lots of great music camps: Swannanoa, Targhee, and this incredible fantasy camp in… Italy! 

Everyone should come to that one. 





MARCH 2023
What a month! Packed, as they say. This kind of thing was not what I was envisioning for my Later-In-Life After-Party. But it's constantly amazing. 
Right on the February-March cusp, I attended Wintergrass near my old home place in Seattle, and covered 2 special projects: Pas De Cinq (videos coming soon) and a Fiddlers 4 reunion…documentation of that will happen as well… too much going on right now… can’t believe I’m taking time to report this!

Started off March by recording some mind-blowing tracks for Wes Corbett's next project with Sam Bush, Chris Eldridge, Casey Campbell, Todd Phillips, Paul Kowert (2 different sessions). Then we tracked most of the Mr Sun project MrSun Plays Ellington Plays Tchaikovsky up at Studio 9 in North Adams, MA . My old buddy the redoubtable Dave Sinko managed the inputs and outputs. The whole project was generously funded by the Freshgrass Foundation, and we got the best use  out of that place, thanks to its managing engineer, my other old buddy Dave Dennison. What an amazing studio space!



Right after that, I zoomed down to Orlando with the whole band and Sharon Gilchrist to the American String Teachers’ Conference, where I received the American String Teachers' Association Artist-Teacher Award for services rendered over 30 years of teaching folks how to achieve their goals on bowed string instruments. 
ASTA is a fantastic organization and I have learned so much from the other dedicated string teachers from all over the world who convene every year.  It's a great honor, and I'm grateful and it makes me want to do better.


Here are my acceptance speech notes:
Artist-Teacher: a nice distinction, and a real honor to be acknowledged to be sharing both descriptors.
This observation may be obvious, but I feel that I’m in a category of humans who found it much more challenging to be a teacher than an artist.
As in the art, I had to make my own way to some extent, because of lack of a clear path, my contrariness and bull-headedness, and some bad examples early on – which did help me decide how not to be.


Thanks to Bob Phillips for his surprising, steady, appreciations and advocacy.

Also to my fellow Artist-Teachers who share this hallowed patch of musical ground and have given me crucial help to develop what skills I have:

Matt Glaser, David Baker, Julie Lyonn Leiberman, David Balakrishnan, Renata Bratt, Chris Howes, Mike Marshall, Miriam Rabson, Rob Thomas, Tracy Silverman, Alasdair Fraser; Their generosity boggles my mind.

My inspirers are too many to name here – The few most important who come to mind are David Grisman, Tony Rice, Marsh Leicester, David Baker, Dr. Billy Taylor – but it’s important to note, I think, that so many teach by example and the lessons are thick on the ground if you can learn to find them. That’s teachable.
Also important to note that some of the best lessons come from your students.

And Apologies to the many, both older and younger and brilliant, 
who share this same role whom I haven’t named here. 
Thanks also to the people who have believed in me from a place of pure love: Sharon, Emy, Joe, Grant, the Haas family, and many beloved others.

The Previous Awardees include Itzhak Perlman 2022, Edgar Meyer 2021, Jeffrey Irvine 2020, Mimi Zweig 2019, Roland and Almita Vamos 2018, Jamie Laredo 2017, Sylvia Rosenberg 2016 Kim Kashkashian 2015, Paul Kantor 2014, Matt Glaser 2013, Paul Rolland 2012.
Then the band & I ripped on a concert for the teachers and students, celebrating  Vassar Clements who was born just a few miles away in Kissimmee, FL and my mentor David Grisman, pretty close to his birthday date.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/RGG0-OzIrzg" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

AAAAAANNND THEN… a short tour with the amazing and wonderful multi-mandolinist Ethan Setiawan, celebrating to imminent release of his wonderful new survey of Acoustic String Band styles, GAMBIT, which I produced and played on. 

…Right up to now, when I'm recording a bunch of new Artistworks Fiddle School lessons and– this just in- I'm drafted to play some mandolin with Mike Marshall's GER Mandolin Orchestra at the Savannah Music Festival… 

All you Northern Californians get ready for Mr Sun to Appear in your areas:

Santa Cruz April 20, Berkeley April 21, San Francisco April 22 (see Shows)


February 2023

Wow, this is shaping up to be quite a year… The Big Bounceback is bouncing a bit far, and right in my face at 120 miles an hour… but I'll take it. It's good to still be here and capable of moving. This Ellington/Mr Sun project (see below) is taking up a huge amount of bandwidth, but it's super-exciting… I haven't had this intense a translation project since Turtle Island days. The band is doing it!  Everyone's deep in Adaptation/translation mode, for the recording up at Mass/MOCA  in March, and we've already finished tracking 2 pieces of the 9-piece suite. If we get really energetic, we might even adapt something from the Ballet and jam on it Coltrane-style, in the Strayhorn Spirit.  So grateful to the Freshgrass Foundation for making the production budget a thing of beauty.  Got an Orchestral composing commission going on the side, and I keep getting asked to record stuff right here in Nashville, Music City, USA… I'm amazed! I'm working on Banjo Genius Wes Corbett's new project currently, so exciting to make some music with a fellow Cascadian. Got the amazing WINTERGRASS festival coming up, with one people I LOVE playing with, but we're basically starting almost from scratch with two insanely monumental bands: The Fiddlers 4, for our first show in 20 years, and a new band of old friends Pas De Cinq, with the brilliant-beyond-belief Haas sisters, Nyckleharpist Amy Hakansson, and genius foot percission percusssionist Nic Gareiss. Wo. 

AND TOURING!   California in April, Bluegrass Fester at the Freight & Salvage!  So happy to be returning to Santa Cruz April 20 with Mr Sun! 

And playing pretty-damn-close-to-Jazz at the legendary Kuumbwa Jazz Center too. 
Santa Cruz …so much history for me there. Coming down there in 1971 for College at UCSC, back when Porter just had a number, which was “5”. Getting the Harry Smith Anthology right in the gut with the best possible commentary buy the great Marsh Leicester, who also turned Jerry Garcia on to folk music, though I never knew that at the time. I’ve spent a bit of time down there in the last few years as well, because of my old friends there who never left… smart folks…watching my friends start their Bagel company and the old Union Grove Music store. Now it’s soul-cleansing to watch the perennial surfers and the Monterey Peninsula still just a-hovering out there as near-eternal as things will get here on this planet anyway. 
So many memories of sitting in with Annie Steinhardt’s band at the old Catalyst, playing wild power-grass on Pacific Avenue with banjo pioneer George Stavis, doing the pizza-parlor Bluegrass thing with the Fresno Bluegrass Pilgrim Surfer-guys Sweetwater, building mandolins and exasperating the amazing luthier David Morse in the basement of my house on Mission Street, discovering weed, getting under the VW bus with the feeler gauges twice a week, hanging with Richard Hoover before Santa Cruz Guitars was a thing, playing fiddle up in the Santa Cruz Mountains with Lacey J Dalton, commuting hundreds of times on Hwy #1 up to & back from Dawg’s tree house in Mill Valley, riding the roller coaster 12 times in a row with Tony Rice who just couldn’t get enough of that…. And more recently playing the Rio Theatre with Mike Marshall and Vasen… amazing times. How did I fit that all into 4 years?


Hard to believe these numbers: 2 0. 2 3.   …Looks like The Future, and in many ways it is, not exactly that wonderful future we had imagined either. But Music continues to help us get through an increasingly hostile landscape. I'll just keep doing that until something else stops me.  

I have received a fantastic composing commission for a West Virginia fiddle and guitar duet, with full orchestra. That should be amazingly fun, if I can get the trombone clefs right.  I've hit the 12-year mark on my beautiful Artistworks Online Fiddle School, and I'm inspired to keep working on that more and more.

But what I'm really excited about, and working on A LOT lately, is this new, intense project that Mr Sun has embarked on:



Mr Sun Plays Ellington Plays Tchaikovsky...
We're going to translate the legendary and mind-blowing Ellington/Strayhorn Nutcracker Suite into our Acoustic String Band, the one and only Mr Sun, and record it. Should be beyond fun. We'll get a bunch of other string players on there for the big horny sound. We're trying to skip using drums, but we're not going to rule anything out... so that includes possible Dobros & banjos. Maybe.

The Project has been generously underwritten by the Freshgrass Foundation, and we will be using the Mass/MOCA recording studio in North Adams, and Mr Sun will premiere the work at the Freshgrass Festival in fall 2023.

This Suite seems to be pretty popular with the big bands. Aidan, our bassist, even toured this in Europe early in his career with the Scottish National Jazz Band. But it is pretty much undiscovered material for strings still. Maybe we can change that. Billy Strayhorn's treatment of The Nutcracker is so excellently radical, funny, loose, and personal that it just seemed right up Mr Sun's alley. 

Lots of arranging, translating, transposition, further adaptation and some rearranging to do. Just as Strayhorn and Ellington completely re-imagined Tchaikovsky's monster hit, Mr Sun must do the same!… in the tradition of The Hot Club Of France, the DGQ, the Turtle Island String Quartet, and the Republic Of Strings.  We'll generally play our own solos, though there are some short beautiful spots by giants such as Johnny Hodges which will be transcribed and played in their spirit. 

Tchaikovsky’s extraordinary Nutcracker Suite contains some of the most beloved and familiar melodies in the Western world. Mr Sun has seized upon the inspiration of Duke Ellington’s brilliant, sly, & urbane re-interpretation of Tchaikovsky’s Suite as an opportunity to salute and re-invent this wildly multi-faceted work anew, through the lens of the American String Band, a musical form which contains many styles and is presently engaged in a marathon upheaval of innovation and expansion.

The Ellingtonian versions of The Nutcracker feature both Billy Strayhorn's wide-ranging arranging genius and the interpretive genius of the band’s members, all major figures in their own right. The string band tradition, which draws from a rich well of traditional fiddling melody and African rhythm and has steadily incorporated all the streams of American popular music, is an fertile new fold in the origami of this evergreen masterpiece. Using new and self-invented rhythm techniques combined with existing melodic and ensemble techniques, the Mr Sun band will add a layer and a new facet of artistic musical thought to this work.

This is a passage from the remarkable book “Something to Live For: The Music Of Billy Strayhorn”, by Walter Van De Leur. 




Mr Sun plans to premier this work in September at the illustrious FRESHGRASS festival in North Adams, Massachusetts

We'll be recording all through Spring 2023 and plan to have the CD release available at the Freshgrass festival. We'll see you in 2023 at the Berkeley Bluegrass Festival, the Strawberry Music Festival, Grey Fox Festival, Grand Targhee and Green Mountain Festivals as well, where we'll be happy to update you on the recording's progress!

Here it is halfway through December 2022 already. Shows and traveling are done with for this year. It was quite a marathon late summer and fall, with two very good tours with the California Bluegrass Reunion, old friends, some I've known for 50 years.  I'll jump over to New England to play some of Joe K Walsh's original music for a week in January, then some wild reunions at Wintergrass in late February.  And my amazing Artistworks Fiddle School: I have a lot of new lessons dreamed up for that next year. 


August 31, 2022:   Well, that all went by fast! hot hot hot weather everywhere, but we had a truly wonderful Eand'a tour in the northeast culminating in a magical Green Mountain Music Festival. There's Eand'a's better half.



The Summer festers are coming to a close, and our Fall projects are looming more... when will there be time to do them all?  Mr Sun has an amazing, huge and exciting recording project coming up. I'm slowly working on the Diary Of A Fiddler sequel, with all former fiddle students. The California Bluegrass Reunion band will be barnstorming the east and West coasts this fall. I'll possibly be getting a big composing commission, and nutty things are dropping into my lap, such as sitting in with Alison Brown's band this fall.


Those of you who might still dig vinyl discs can now order a Mr Sun record through Compass Records.
Hear Joe, Darol, Grant and Aidan as actual physical vibrations through a medium. Might be better, might not.
 Wo, that's a lot of yellow. Cover doubles as a caution cone for your car.
Yellow vinyl too!  Hold it up to a light (not for too long!) and let the sun shine through.






July 1, 2022

Summer is here; so is massive COVID and a lot of great music... I was happy to spend a week at Steve Kaufman's Bluegrass Kamp, though it turned out to be a superspreader event! I wore a mask in the cafeteria every day and was pretty careful and came out without the virus; a minor miracle. Maybe those 4 vaccinations helped; it's hard to prove anything about an event that is avoided. Anyway, the Kamp was a lovely experience and very mellow. I re-connected with one of my musical heroes Alan Munde and we were able to perform a little tribute to Byron Berline there. I also met a couple of great musicians whom I'd never been around before: Carlo Aonzo and Andrew Collins, both mandolinists, and folks such as Gary "Biscuit" Davis. I also played some tunes with the amazing Jim Hurst and "vibesmaster" bassist Steve Roy, who sang some great songs, including one by Mr Rogers called "I Like You".

Mr Sun has been out and about, playing shows mostly in the northeast. We'll be up there again in July, at Grey Fox Festival and various other venues scattered around New England, mostly outdoor shows. Check the Shows Schedule for specific dates and info.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0y_5vnOyEEw" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Work continues apace (a slow pace) on my various projects: mixing an EMP by the great Tom Rozum and the Rozumatix, some initial recording and assembly on the sequel to Diary Of A Fiddler; the next Mr Sun TOP SECRET project, involving 2 world-famous composers; and of course my wonderful Artistworks Fiddle School, where we as a community delve into the greatest mysteries of what it is to Fiddle Your Way Out Of A Paper Bag.



Also coming up in August: a One-time only Reunion of my EANDA band, wherein we play our Very First Acual Shows, by popular demand. This recording was apparently a very much-loved project and we're thrilled to re-create those tunes that we had so much fun recording! We'll play some shows in the Northeast, especially Club Passim in Boston and the legendary and insanely cool Green Mountain Festival in Vermont.



May 13, 2022

You can finally buy this recording! Pretty excited to share it.





May 1, 2022

The seasons keep a-coming. Thinking I'd be ready for whatever comes up, I find myself continually surprised by such change in the world around me. Spring in Tennessee is shocking and sudden. I find myself in a place with barky broadleaf giants and veritable mobs of flowers exploding all over.  Mowing the backyard is a sculpture project, at this point there are 3 levels of trim, plus the vast canopy.  I let the tall wildflowers make their own beds and mow around them. Looks like someone's brilliant landscaping job, but it's the flowers & grass telling me what to do.

Meanwhile, I hear from friends that Spring is now getting rolling in the Northeast and will be in full rage when I get up there with my band Mr Sun in mid-May.  And I hope I see some of you folks. We have a very tight schedule but we are going just about everywhere in New England.  If you live up there, please check out the tour dates.

The new recording has finally made it to the warehouses and we'll be hoping to distribute some to various music lovers on this journey.  The official release date is May 13, but you can pre-order the CD now, here.

We're delighted to have vinyl discs for this release also, and those will be available July 20, here.

We're thrilled to be playing out again and are completely digging each others' playing.  I think you'll be surprised at how much we've grown , especially for older guys. Letting the music lead you seems to take a lifetime to develop. The band's in a sweet special place and the experience is quite emotional, actually.  I almost forgot how beautiful four string instruments can sound together, even after 45 years of returning to this same darn format. 

It's surprising, but now it's really about the people, not the ideas... especially when we remember to depend on each other. Including the intrepid listeners.  We depend on you, too.

Adding to the magic, we thought up some silly fun additional merchandise besides the recordings to bring with us. You might dig it. See us in Manhattan, Boston, Saratoga Springs, Northampton or Rockport, MA or Portland, Maine.

Purchase Extrovert here:



Single "Breaker's Bakedown" release on Bluegrass Today


April 2022

Colorado with Mr Sun coming up... and a flutter of little recording projects coming in as Spring hits in Tennessee. I'm putting a nice halo of fiddling on an extraordinary spoken-word project with author Joe McHugh, decorating over a beautiful fiddling story read by the phenomenal voice of Joe Newberry.  The Online Fiddle school at Artistworks.com continues to burgeon, with new lessons and ideas in the works: I'll be breaking down all the "Baker Plays Monroe" fiddle tunes over the course of the next year, at the rate of one a month. That's a good goal.  Some shows in the fall for the California Bluegrass Reunion are coming together, which should be a fun ride: Freshgrass, IBMA, and the 3 Sisters Festival will be highlights there.  AND! Mr Sun's recording extrovert will be finally released in May, but pre-orders can be made now through Compass records, as we turn our sun-baked minds to the next recording project: a top-secret blockbuster idea whose time has come! Details soon-ish.


March 2022

Wow, a New Year and so much has already happened. Painful goodbyes to many folks, banjo players especially. We had a great little west coast blur with the California Bluegrass Reunion project, led by the redoubtable Bill Evans. I've shored up my Artistworks Fiddle School with a large infusion of lessons and interviews, taking advantage of the insane concentration of talent that is here in Nashville. I'm getting ready to work on a new recording project of duets with fiddlers who I worked with when they were youthful.

We're ramping up the year 2022 with my incredible band Mr Sun. We hae a new recording coming out May 1st, on Compass Records. Since we're all so shy, we're calling the recording "Extrovert". It's the first LP release that I'll have done since 1989.

The band just had a wonderful time at the Wintergrass festival and then barnstormed down the West Coast, spreading light and quite a few notes of note. It was wonderful to see old friends and connect in a room big enough to do it in. Still being careful, masking and such. But this band is so alive, emotional, and tells a great, coherent story in each song. I'm really happy about that.

We're going to Colorado in April... Check the "Shows" section for all the details.




August, 2021

Now living in Nashville, Tennessee; barely believing it. But OK.  Every day is now an Extra Bonus Life Mile day...   I'm still doing a lot of fun Artistworks Fiddle School stuff and looking at a whole new landscape out the window. 
Whole new internal landscape too, even though I keep having the same old Disastrous Sound Check dreams. 
I get to visit with some excellent young musicians friends. 
I even have some shows with Mr Sun lined up for this fall! 
... And I bought my first actual purchased lawn mower.