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darol anger
  • darol anger
  • darol anger
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please specify the piece: $15 per chart. released 2016

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We're now making available many of the arrangements of Darol's compositions. They run the gamut from solo fiddle tunes (with chords) to complete lead sheets, to detailed scores and parts for duets and small groups. High-quality PDFs will be sent to your email address. Payment will be made through PayPal. To specify the piece, email me at dexterfiddle(at)gmail(dot)com.

Lead Sheets (melodies and chords, with intros and endings) to most of Darol's original compositions:

The Crooked Road To Buffalo: a new fiddle tune, from Emy Phelps' cover of Darrell Scott's Crooked Road Key Signator-  from FIDDLISTICS and MrSun: THE PEOPLE NEED LIGHT Ride The Wild Turkey;  the Jerry Douglas/Alison Krauss Bluegrass standard; from FIDDLISTICS The Dysentery Stomp:   from FIDDLISTICS The Fiddler's Boot:  from Mr Sun: The People Need Light The Jeremy Reel:  from Psychograss: Like Minds The Coal Burnin' Grease Fire:  from Anger&Marshall's JAM and Mr Sun Live at the Freight Piacenza:  from Anger&Marshall's Chiaroscuro and 40 Year Anniversary Recording ReplaceItAll: solo fiddle or duet, from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop & 40-Year Anniversary Recording Who Had Whom:  from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop Big Gravel:   from Psychograss: Like Minds High Ham:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist The New Evening Prayer Blues: from Republic Of Strings The Gravel Shore:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist Scarborough:   from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist The Unbearable Gift:  from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop A Real Dragon:   from MrSun: EXTROVERT and Anger/Marshall:Psychograss Love On 3 Levels   from Anger/Marshall:Psychograss Crawl We Must:   from Michael Kang's Comotion La Ville Des Manteaux:  from E-and'a, bluegrass with Courtney Hartman, Joe Walsh, Sharon Gilchrist & Heritage Upstate: a fiddle tune from 40-Year Anniversary Recording The Lights In The Sky Are Stars:  from The Montreux Band, Live at Montreux)

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Darol's String Quartets sheet music
  • Darol's String Quartets sheet music
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$25 for each arrangement. Please specify which one(s) by email. (see below)

Darol's original String Quartet arrangements are professionally printed and formatted for easy reading and playing. They reflect his long experience and command of the many different world string styles. They include a score and individual parts.

High-quality PDFs will be sent to your email address. The "notes" box has been removed from PayPal purchase forms, so please email me at dexterfiddle(at)gmail(dot)com to specify which arrangement you'd like.

NEW: a revised and improved, much more playable version of Darol's tribute to James Brown: DEXTERIORS (TISQ, Skylife) with all written-out solos and trades between the violins.

NEW: A newly revised [2019] String Quartet arrangement of Darol's classic Windham Hill thrill ride, NEAR NORTHERN, as played by the Turtle Island String Quartet on their "By The Fireside" recording. All solos are written! Challenging tempo... But you could play it at any speed you like.

NEW: The Amen Corner: A new (2018) R&B/Gospel-style string quartet composition.

GRANT WOOD: Americana- based string music, recently revised and lengthened, from the Turtle Island String Quartet's Skylife includes violin and cello suggested SOLOS)

REPLACEITALL from Anger&Marshall's Woodshop (for 3 violins or String QT; please specify--includes violin SOLO part)

Blue Book: a Bebop Blues for String Quartet; with written-out solos and backgrounds for each instrument.

African Solstice: as played on Darol's CD Fiddlers Four, with Doucet, Molsky, and Rushad. A 6/8 African-feeling string quartet with alternate Violin 3 or Viola parts.

Street Stuff: a rocking and rolling string quartet, as played by the Turtle island String Quartet.

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SMOE LIKEIT COOL: the Mr Sun T-shirts
  • SMOE LIKEIT COOL: the Mr Sun T-shirts
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Yes, Folks, The Mysterious Answer to Life's Eternal Conundrum has resurfaced...

ready to spark new inspiration among your friends, acquaintances, and people who never saw you before. This shirt will establish your cred as a true Mr Sun aficionado and pro-flummoxer. "I truly believe that this message's time, it's time, yes, its time has finally come", says a highly placed source pretty close to the other source.

Available in any color as long as it's black, with cosmic blue lettering.

In every size that's small, med, large or X-L. Please specify, with an email to darolfmu (at) You can specify the color too, a.l.a.i.b.w.b.l.

these shirts are $20 apiece, plus $5 shipping and handling(just the most minimal handling by people who just washed both hands, right up until they go from the box into the envelope after which it's just proxy-esque handling, through layers of envelope material, probably padded and everything, and just by USPS people, until it reaches your hands which can be in any condition, because by then it's out of our hands)


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