Darol Anger teaches at Swannanoa Fiddle Week

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The Swannanoa Gathering, Warren Wilson College, Black Mountain, NC

Founded in 1991, we are Warren Wilson College’s educational program of summer folk arts workshops held on our campus in the Swannanoa Valley near Asheville in the heart of North Carolina’s beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains.

Each year, Warren Wilson College offers a variety of week-long programs in various forms of folk music and dance over a five-week period in July and August, taught by some of the finest folk artists and instructors in the world.
If you’re a fiddler who would like to learn the skills you need to play well in jams and casual gigs, Darol will draw from his vast bag of tricks developed over his years at Berklee College and his online school at Artistworks.com to find areas where we can grow as fiddlers and musicians. We’ll play and analyze classic fiddle solos from first-generation greats, as well as more recent ideas from straight-ahead bluegrass fiddlers. We’ll take the licks from those solos and apply them to other keys, so you can widen your comfort zone without having learning a zillion other licks. We’ll also delve into every aspect of being a good fiddler, including bowholds, kickoffs, endings, ideas for playing more in tune, how to play backup & fills (very important), working on our tone, and key basic improvisation skills. If you can tune your instrument, keep time, and play a few tunes all the way through at medium tempo, you’re the perfect student for this class. Don’t worry if you’re not comfortable with playing double stops or playing up the neck – tunes and licks will be mostly in first position, and double stops are always optional. All material will be taught by ear in classic Fiddle Camp style (don’t worry, we go slow and don’t stop until everyone’s on board) You’ll get handouts to take home so you can remember what you learned. Everything we’ll do hinges on the idea that Fiddling is Fun, and we get better so we can have more fun!